Thursday, October 22, 2009

Rotating Closet: Part 2

So it seems that my readers really loved my thing about making my closet have a rotating hook system for increased accessability. I just thought of another use of "rotating closet" that would allow larger storage in the space than would otherwise be allowed. I got the idea by thinking the words "rotating closet" and remembering a kitchen storage system that uses similar principles.
The closet is divided into four sections, with a circular area. Only one area is accessible to the front at once. Each area is full of hooks to hang things on. On a trigger (say, a button), the "floor" rotates, bringing another section into view. So one would fill one section, rotate, fill the next, rotate, and so on until it was full. How you organize it would be up to you. Seasonal clothes, rotating once per season? Fashion cycle?
In any case, it would save space because only a small area would need to be accessable to the viewer, and the unused areas would face the wall. compare this with existing closets where if you can't reach it, it's useless to you.

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