Sunday, October 4, 2009

Install CD

Last Friday, I made a bootable liveCD for setting up new computers. I can, from the CD, load it into memory, partition my disks, retrieve and run my restoration scripts, and have it reboot into the new system without my constant babysitting. I like that. In the past, when I wanted to install, I would have to constantly twattle around with things, in between long stretches of absolutely nothing. It also has a web browser, sound-playing files, and a game, just in case I have nothing else to do while it grinds away. Also, if I load it into RAM, that frees up the CD drive for other tasks, such as grabbing files from backup cds. It has tools to partition, create filesystems, recover damaged drives, send or receive files from other computers, and handle various archival formats. I also included some things that I don't think I'll ever use, like RAID-building software, both because it might more useful to other people that way, and because maybe in the future I might need to set up a RAID array.
It's built on a Knoppix-like framework, for x86_64 based computers. (Making other architectures would be trivial, if I can get my hands on an example of them on which to work.)
I plan on testing this after I finish my homework, cleaning, and all those other chores. Does this sound like the kind of thing anyone else would want? I can put it up the sources and directions for making it, or just an ISO image.
Also, a windows based such cd is technically possible. I didn't bother: I can maintain my windows files from the Linux-based framework, and to install windows requires a windows CD anyway.
LATER NOTICE: It failed, it won't boot. I'm researching why.

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