Monday, October 19, 2009

Higgs Boson Madness

A Dr. Nielson of CERN seems to be worried that nature abhors a Higgs Boson particle and will go to insane lengths to prevent one from forming, up to and including causality violation. This means that suddenly, the whole apparatus exploded last week, erasing the time period in which it was previously fine, and all events retroactively obey the new timeline. He also speculates that effects are proportional to their chance of actually producing particles, and to existing probabilistic events, so speculates that it is only safe to attempt to generate particles when exceedingly unlikely events occur.
Now from what I know of physics, this entire thing sounds like it's composed entirely of insane troll logic, but I'm reading about this secondhand, filtered through a journalist and my own perception. (Also, Dr. Nielson might or might not be trolling the reporter about the slowness to activate the HBSC.)

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