Sunday, October 11, 2009

Midterm Week

While I recover from midterm week (in which I could write no new articles and used up my buffer), I think I'll tell you the best way to study.
Read in stretches of fifteen minutes several days in advance of any big test. Take breaks every fifteen minutes -- psychology studies have shown that if you try to focus longer, your mind wanders and your efficiency at remembering goes way down. Schedule this at the end of your day, and go to bed at the end of it. As you sleep, your brain shifts the information into your long term memory, helping you to remember this before test time. Ideally, do this several days in a row.
Sometimes go back and read something you've already read. It feels stupid, but yes, sometimes you miss a thing or two, and the repetition, while boring, helps your brain remember.
On the day of the test, wake up early and have a big breakfast. Starved brains don't work very well. Try to exercise before the test as well.
If any of you are in school, good luck with your tests. If you are out of school, be glad that it is over.

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