Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A dare to electronics Majors

I want to buy a device that accepts text, can connect to my network via an RJ-45 connector, and can store text for later. Bonus points if it can also take sound or dictation.
I expect it to have an internal battery with at least 8 hours charge, and also some means of recharging said battery. I expect it to be durable enough such that if I suddenly drop it, it won't break upon hitting the floor. In fact, I expect it to survive a sledgehammer impact.
Video is probably overkill. It need not have better video than, say, a VT100 terminal, but I expect to have some means of perceiving what the hell it is that I enter.
I expect it to be able to connect to the internet if need be. Sure, it's harder in text mode, but it is possible.
I expect it to use very little power. Let's set the maximum to 5 watts. This is very little power -- I could probably generate this by rubbing my hands vigorously and grabbing a cold thermocouple. This sounds impossible to some people, but I don't expect you to use a high powered desktop cpu. If I wanted that, I'd have bought a netbook. In fact, I would adore it if you were to use an exotic architecture to begin with. (Less chance of viruses, acquaintances wanting to use it for games, and so on.)
I would like it to have an exotic charge method, in case I'm away from electricity. Maybe a hand-crank, but bonus points for solar panels, movement-based systems (like what exists on expensive watches, walking with the watch winds it), or even stiller charging. (Warm this end up, and cool this end down to recharge)
I expect to pay no more than $300 for this device. The parts that compose it are not expensive.
Ironically, the perfect one, in fact totally overkill, already exists.... but the company that makes it refuses to actually sell me any. (I wrote to them and got no response whatsoever.)
So, I dare you. Cheap text-only quasi-laptop.

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