Saturday, July 18, 2009

Web Mirroring for Australia

In Australia, using the internet is pretty bad, because most of the computers you want to access are in other countries, like America (because running a computer in Australia is hard. It's hot.) but there's a limited number of undersea cables to actually reach these other countries. So everything is super super slow.
Australia has a lot of empty space, mostly in its interior. I can do something to help.
In the interior, build a cement shack with many solar panels, and air conditioning. Connect the solar panels to deep cycle batteries, and that to the shack power supply. We are now independent, power wise.
Now we build a big fancy computer in the shack. We use RAID-0 to give us lots and lots and lots of disk space. We install server software, and a web caching software to use the space in the RAID.
We get a fast internet connection, and register a handy domain. Say, ""
If we convince Australians to use this, popular websites will load from the cache, which is fast, instead of the cable, which is agonizingly slow. So only the first new access in a day uses the cable, and after that, it can pass it around all day.
If all Australians used this, Australians would enjoy a hundredfold increase in experienced Internet speed.
Using the cache would be as easy as entering "" in the "proxy" field of one's web browser.
Questions, who would pay for the domain registration and hardware? If a drive fails, who will pay to replace it? Who will pay for the internet connection? Would a fee be charged to use it?

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