Friday, July 3, 2009


The newest product from Mad Engineering Industries, NutritionBuddy is a small screen that, 3 times a day, beeps and displays what you should be eating. We calibrate it to your size, weight, gender, activity level, and so on upon ordering, so if you follow NutritionBuddy's advice, you will obtain a healthy weight within a year's time.
Look forward to exciting recipes, and if you sync it to your PC and use our handy CD, it will also print up handy recipes to help you fulfill your daily requirements. NutritionBuddy obtains most of its power through the innovative active-quartz movement electrical generation system, but can be plugged in at night, and retains 12 hours of charge.
Warning: NutritionBuddy will not help you lose weight should you ignore its advice or binge. Do not get NutritionBuddy wet. Do not throw NutritionBuddy on the floor, as while NutritionBuddy is durable, it is not infinitely so. NutritionBuddy cannot hear you cursing, so feel free to taunt NutritionBuddy. Do not feed NutritionBuddy, as it is not alive. If NutritionBuddy recommends a patently unreasonable meal, please consult the help line.

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