Saturday, July 11, 2009

Toy Car to Defeat Unexploded Ordinance

Unexploded ordinance is a major problem in many former warzones. Various land-mines, grenades, and dud ammunition litter the area, and continue to menace people, especially small children, farmers, the inquisitive, and people who dig or run. The mine, unfortunately, is not aware that the war ended, and explodes just the same, killing and maiming everyone within a certain radius. The mine also cannot distinguish between a small child running about and an enemy soldier.
Mine clearing equipment exists, but is bulky, expensive, and is either frequently destroyed, or tricky to operate. Sometimes it only locates the mines, and defusing is another problem altogether.
However, for $50, one can buy a radio-controlled toy car. This is simple enough to operate, even a child can do it. To this we attach a steel rope, and the rope to a 65kg weight. We then drive the car across the minefield. Sometimes, the weight goes over a mine -- BOOM! The weight and rope should be replaced. If the car gets excessively damaged, it, too, can be replaced.
I would rather a billion r/c cars got destroyed this way than one child. After all, the factory will happily build another r/c car. Furthermore, if this pans out, one can donate used and unwanted r/c cars to the cause of global peace.

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