Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ultimate Computer Setup

One of my friends asked me what kind of computer setup I'd go for if I had an unlimited budget. Interesting idea, but "unlimited budget" is kind of a ridiculous term. Check out how ludicrously impractical this is:

One Backhoe (rent)
Gentoo OS CD (My personal favorite, array can also use SUSE, or Redhat, but Windows would be impractical with this kind of setup.)
220 identical AM3-slot motherboards with four CPU slots and 8 RAM slots
880 AMD Phenom CPUs
1760 sticks of 4GB RAM
220 SSD Hard drives, 500GB
5 Mass DC Power Converters
2000 m^2 of solar panels
5 trucks asphalt (rent trucks)
One steamroller (rent)
16700 liters Fluorinert
2 motherboards
2 sticks RAM
1 16 GB USB Stick
16 Hard drives, 1TB
2 Computer Cases
5 19 inch racks
6 23 inch racks
220 rack cases, 1U
2 high capacity diodes
220 Uninterruptible power supplies (accepting D/C power)
4000 Deep Cycle Batteries
1 40 inch LCD Monitor
1440 Steel I-Beams
14 m^3 Concrete
200 m PVC Straight Pipe
144 PVC Elbow
144 PVC Tees
1 Compressor
144 m^2 Drywall
Cheap keyboards
100 liters expanding foam insulation
4 Air Conditioning Units
30 m duct
20 radioisotope power units
12 chairs
10 beds
22 liters titanium dioxide paint
15 m Copper Pipe
1 pump
300 m electrical wire (Size 14).
400 m^2 Steel plate.
96 routers
100 RJ-45 ports
Crane hook
20 m steel rope
In the summer, take steam roller and asphalt to Fairbanks, Alaska.
Build road into wilderness using asphalt and steamroller until convenient site is found. Return steam roller and all unused asphalt.
Using backhoe, dig 3.2 m hole measuring 15 m x 12 m. This is the basement. Dig extra on one side to produce sloped edge.
Drive backhoe into hole (using sloped edge). Dig 3.2m hole measuring 2m x 1.5m.
Drive backhoe out of hole, return backhoe to Fairbanks.
Reinforce lower hole with steel I-Beams.
At the bottom of the hole, deploy small copper pipe, 7 cm off the ground. Pipe attaches to pump, which attaches to pipes going up to the surface. Make pump remote activated.
Deploy 5cm concrete to lowest hole
Stack DC Power device, one every 1.8 meters if DC Power Device is less than 1.8 meters tall. Make sure wires lead back to surface.
Stack 19 inch racks vertically, and weld together.
Stack 23 inch racks vertically, except one, and weld together.
Dry fit 19 inch racks in front of DC Power stack, and 23 inch racks. When satisfied, remove with crane hook and steel rope.
Barrier off deeper hole. Pour concrete around shallower hole to 13 cm deep. This forms the basement. Wait until concrete dries.
Build basement out of I-beams, and weld steel plate to form the walls. Build steel stairs out of basement with I-beams. Deploy foam insulation to 20cm thickness.
Construct main floor from I-beams and steel plate. Cut holes for plumbing, and for electrical wiring.
Fit pipes in basement ceiling. Attach with proper plumbing adhesives.
Weld floor I-beams and plate, for stability.
Deploy track floor on ground level to build walls.
Walls made of i-beam, and steel plate. Weld outside walls. I-beam-roof, because I'm planning a second floor. Cut section for stairs, and attach steel plate.
Build stairs to second floor. With I-beams.
Construct second floor walls, and roof. First I-beams, then steel plate.
Build bathrooms with sink and toilet. (Will likely appreciate it at this point.)
To each rack-mount case, put in one motherboard, 4 cpus, 8 sticks of 4GB RAM, and DC-Power connector port. Attach all screw connections, and close case.
Build 2 PCs from remaining computer parts (CPU, motherboard, RAM, case.)
Have electrician build building power system with 14 gage wire. Outlet positions determined by building code.
Cover outside with solar panels. Lead wires in, connect to diode.
Build shelves for batteries. Connect in parallel to 110V, then in series.
Connect diode to batteries. Then connect the other side to, yes, another diode. Connect that to building power system.
Connect building power system to DC Power supplies.
Plug in one PC, install linux via CD. This is the buildhost. Build a basic OS image, including kernel, for the rack-mount computers. Transfer basic OS image and kernel to USB stick. MAKE SURE OS IMAGE HAS SSH SUPPORT. Power down buildhost.
One by one, use the monitor and USB stick to install OS on rack-mount computers. Increment each one's IP by 1, and name them.
Put 42 rackmount machines in each 19 inch rack.
Put 16 routers, evenly spaced, in each 23 inch rack. Fill the other rows with RJ45 ports.
Lift DC-power unit out of the hole with the crane hook, and place the 19 and 23 inch racks. Connect the Ethernet of the rack mounted machines to routers on the 23 inch racks, and DC-power port to the DC-power unit. Power everything on. Verify that it works. have RJ45 ports lead to wires in the walls, and connect them to routers too. Lower the entire contraption into the hole.
Attach compressor to surface end of lower pipes. Compressor should then have pipes to a holding tank, and the holding tank should have a pipe back to the hole, ending with an expander.
Fill hole with florinert.
Remote activate the pump, and turn on compressor.
Holding tank should return cold, nearly solid fluorinert, due to the expansion.
Place protective barrier around hole. Don't want anyone falling in, now.
Build second computer out of remaining parts. This is the access host. (Which I'll use to operate the computer array.) Install OS.
Put access host in quiet room on first floor, and put the last 23 inch rack there. Connect this to the building network.
Connect access host to network, and verify access with ping and ssh.
Have optical connection to ISP in Fairbanks dug, and an OC-3 connection deployed. Connect to access host room 23 inch rack.
Install interesting software from internet connection, hopefully money-making.
Enjoy high speed Internet access, lots of storage on the buildhost, lots of CPU power to operate any computation, and heating from the fluorinert tank and electronics.
Build ducts in ceiling, and place air conditioning units for summer. Hook up to power, thermostat.
Put the radioisotope generators into a closet, wire them to the main building supply, and lock the closet.

If I have yet more money? Second site.

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