Friday, July 24, 2009

Outdoor Mall

In Southern California, where I came from, there are a lot of malls and storefronts, where people like to shop. They park outdoors, go inside a building to shop, and then go back to their car.

This is a reasonable arrangement, but in Southern California's hot desert weather, cars exhibit a greenhouse-like effect, as sunlight penetrates the interior, becomes infrared as it strikes the seats, and then is trapped. Cars quickly reach ludicrous temperatures, and anything left behind, like a pet or a baby, gets cooked alive inside. Inside, people enjoy cool air via air conditioning, but it seems like every mall's the same.

I propose one mall that works the opposite way. Park indoors in a large parking structure. For convinience, it should have an addressing system to help you find your car again, because searching for your car is annoying. Then, go outside, where vendors have an open-air market. Tents protect merchandise from the hot sun, and other tents can help cool off the wandering customer. Also, an ice-cream or other cold food tent is a must. Tents must be waterproof in the winter, for that is the rainy season. (Although the mall should probably close for that. You want the inside mall when it's raining.)

While people may dislike the heat during the summer, the novelty will be pleasant during the other three seasons. The fresh air will be pleasant (except in Los Angeles proper), the exercise will be good for the shopper, and the car will be at a reasonable temperature when the shopping is done. Also, lots of nature, people love lots of nature.

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