Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rotating Shifts

In big cities like New York and Los Angeles and Houston and Dallas and Chicago and New Orleans, there are two periods per day called "rush hours." During these times, traffic slows to a crawl because of the high volume of cars on the streets. Where are they going? To and from work.
See, most American businesses operate from 8am to 5pm. Workers clog the roads from 7am to 9am rushing in (some of them are a tad late), and then clog the roads again from 4pm - 7pm as they leave. (The 4pm people are leaving early, and are probably not the people driving from 8 - 9 am.) This trouble with traffic aggrivates everyone in it, as the rising statistics on "road rage" can tell you. It is also slow, hard on the engines, and wastes gasoline. But if you run a business, you can help.
Just start your business at an unusual time, like 6am, or 10am. You can operate nonstop by using three shifts, each with eight hours of work. Let's say 6am - 2pm, 2pm - 10pm, and 10pm - 6am. Workers on such shifts will experience a smooth ride in, productive time at the office, and then a smooth ride back home. They may even be more productive than usual, if they have a shift that works well with their sleep/wake cycle.
And if everybody takes up this plan? Shift your hours back or forth 2 hours.

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