Monday, July 27, 2009

Cleaning my keyboard

One of the things I love the best about my keyboard is the way that the interior parts are connected, allowing me to dismantle it for cleaning. Keyboards tend to get nasty over time, as they are constantly touched, and have lots of crevices where spilled things remain until cleaned. Also, pets find them fascinating. A strange object! And the boss keeps messing with it! I should mess with it too! Which results in "pet typing." It looks like this:


Also, the pets are responsible for many of the spills. Knock the boss's drinking glass over? Sure, why not? Maybe you'll get a sip of soda out of it.
So, my keyboard. I can take it apart like so:

Then I can take the outer shell and just chuck it in the bathtub with some soap. I used washing detergent.

Soap, swishing, and flipping, done repeatedly, knocks all the hair and dirt and cola and whatnot from the keyboard. Once it's clean, drain the bathtub, and take it somewhere to dry. I used my bed.

You have to let it dry totally, as water is a polar molecule and will interfere with the proper functioning of electronics. Once it's totally dry, put the keyboard back together.

The best part of doing this is that if I mess up, keyboards are $5 to replace. I suggest against doing this with any other part of your computer.

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