Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Strange Confession

I have a very strange confession to you, reader. I hate to write. Yes, that's a weird thing for a blogger to say, but I do. I hate it. All those writing classes I had to take as a nerdlet made me want to end the whole world, myself included, that's how much I hated them.
So why do I have a blog? I have ideas. I want to share my ideas. If I could do it any possible way, I would not personally write my blog. I would mind-control an English major into writing it for me. Schematics would appear in their heads and they would write. And then I would, I don't know, fix their computer or something.
So, I've done my best to share my ideas, and to make them reasonably entertaining to read. I've done my best to compromise between people with deep knowledge of the sciences and those who require a walkthrough. I can only hope I've done a good job.
I also feel like I'm running low on crazy. It used to be that all kinds of bizarre notions rattled around in my head, and I had a strange invention practically on a daily basis. Now, I have to strain and strain just to keep up.
But I'll have something tomorrow. I promise.

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