Thursday, August 26, 2010

Psychology Metric

Remember long ago when I jokingly reported that people should try to take jobs based on what kind of character they would be, if they were in dungeons and dragons? I think I want to develop a more serious version of that.
Identify personal traits and characteristics that would allow prospective employers to match candidates to ideal jobs with a simple pen or pencil test. No more will we have programmers unable to program, people bitterly angry with their horribly mismatched jobs, or glass ceilings from being limited to doing what you did in the past. (What, people never change, ever?)
I'm not making this test. I don't know nearly enough about psychology to compose the test, nor the interdisciplinary studies to know what kind of person does well where. (Would an investment banker make a good, say, salesman, or lawyer?)
And if you'd like me to do more D&D, yeah, I suppose I could do that too.

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