Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Self-Cleaning Bird Cage

You notice how when people have bird cages, the cages are almost perpetually dirty?
See, most birds live in trees, and live with the assumption that anything dropped is taken away by gravity, to the forest floor, which they don't care about. So an accumulation of unwanted objects beneath the area that a bird lives is inevitable. The cage floor becomes covered in seed hulls, detatched toys, and poop. The bird's owner must clean this accumulation regularly, lest it become a breeding ground for bacteria.
But, with a little engineering, the balance of nature can be restored. This cage would have a slanted, teflon coated under-section, which the bird cannot reach due to a grill. Dropped seed hulls would fall through the grill, and slide down the under-section. Then, if we connect this to a vent that goes to a waste receptacle, the cage will now clean itself. All dropped waste slides away for easy collection. (Just take away the can on occasion.)

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