Friday, August 6, 2010

The Mechanic's buddy

People who work on cars a lot may appreciate this one. I'm imagining a complex machine made of many tools that, when shown a car and specified its make and model, completely takes it apart. It is now an empty frame, and a large pile of parts. Why? You can then clean and check those parts easily, replacing any that are excessively worn or damaged. The machine could then reassemble the entire car.
I can imagine this leading to vehicle maintenance becoming way, way more trivial. You might have your car stripped and rebuilt daily, with a short cleaning between each. Your oil will never be able to build up contaminants, because it's removed daily, filtered a bit, and returned. Only a small amount is lost. A small amount with all the crap that ever got in your engine that day.
Why, it would be like having your own personal pit crew. Awesome!

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