Friday, August 13, 2010

Gutter and Sewer Bot

Civilization has a lot of tight spaces. Tight spaces which are difficult and unpleasant to clean. I'm specifically thinking of the gutter, a metal attachment to the roof that collects rain and funnels it to a specific downspout, and sewers, which takes used water away from human habitation. And by used, I mean, has waste in it. Waste that could cause disease if it hangs around too long.
Admittedly, gutters almost never have to be cleaned if you fit them with a tight grille that allows water through, but sloughs off leaves. But let's say that you don't or can't do that for some reason.
In either case, you have tight spaces, and this would best be navigated by a small, battery powered robot. With little scrubbing attachments to detach debris from the sides. It will need to be waterproof, because there's no guarantee of the area being dry, and great probability that it will be distinctly wet. The robot should scout around, loosening anything it can get its little brushes on. After a fixed but generous distance, it should return for recovery. When brought back to human hands, it deactivates, and should then be cleaned, maintained, and have its battery recharged. And you, the human owner, never left your house.
Though I understand your reservations about touching a sewer bot.

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