Saturday, December 26, 2009

Swiss Fish Farm

In Switzerland, a supply of warm water that otherwise would have become thermal pollution, endangering the local wildlife, has instead been used to make an unseasonable sturgeon farm, with solar panels, a greenhouse, and many more environmental features.
This would normally be impossible in Switzerland, which is cold and high in the Alp mountains. Sturgeon thrown into a Swiss river would quickly die, the way a tropical monkey wouldn't survive very long in Siberia. The facility's production of Bananas, likewise, is totally unseasonable for Switzerland, as bananas are a tropical crop, here requiring a greenhouse with greatly raised humidity.
I'm impressed because the facility has taken things that would otherwise be pollution, and turned them into a net benefit. A difficult task. Since then, it now has a restaurant, tours of the greenhouse, and makes money independently. If it sells stock, I totally want some.

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