Tuesday, December 1, 2009


As a man, shaving is a task that immensely irritates me. My face has many curves, and I have, by virtue of genetics, considerable facial hair. It seems like I always miss at least a little bit of it, and always in the places where it's most inconvenient to leave hair. There's gotta be a better way to shave than pulling a blade over my face.
There are non-razor means of shaving, like depilatory creams. I've tried them. They hurt, quite a bit, and leave quite a lot of hair behind. (Although depilatory plus shaving equals baby smooth face, albeit strawberry red colored from irritation.)
I then consider a robotic mask that, when worn, runs razors across its surface. As convenient as that would be, I would be nervous about sticking my face into it. After all, if one of those blades were happen to slip, the robot isn't going to retract from pain like my own hand would.
Native Americans traditionally did their shaving by plucking, so I could use a sticky wax or high speed tweezers to remove the hair. I don't think I could bear it. They benefited from having relatively thin facial hair to begin with, which makes such a process less painful and time consuming, and like I said before, my hair grows in thick.
I've always like electric shavers, which I can roll over my face, and which definitely doesn't cut it no matter how sloppily I do it. Unfortunately, they don't seem to do as good a job, my face is still vaguely scratchy afterwards.
I guess then that my best option would be the face-mask with electric-shaver heads, and then finishing it off by hand with a razor. Sigh.


Pawl Bearing said...

Another thing that is massively in need of improvement is the windscreen wiper

themadengineer said...

Expect something by the end of this week about that.

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