Saturday, December 12, 2009

Humans are Now Genetically Redundant

Remember a few years ago when it was announced that biologists can now make sperm from bone marrow cells, and thus men are no longer required to make a child? Remember all the feminist crowing and gloating about that?
Now there are artificial uteruses. You no longer need a woman to make a child, either. You'd still need human parents to raise a child, but now we can make a human being from a dud egg and a collection of genes.
The Guardian of course comes up with all kinds of scenarios that make various people foam at the mouth, but I do see this as a positive development -- it will help the infertile, and will further bolster reengineering extinct animal technology.
I further note that this article is dated 2002. Seven years ago. There may be further advances since then. I'm also looking forward to parenting-bots, which would eliminate the state of "orphan-hood" forever.

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