Monday, December 14, 2009

Data Center in a Silo

Somewhere out in Quebec:
"Hey Pierre, remember when we turned that old silo into a particle accelerator?"
"Sure, Jean, but the physicists stopped paying us and closed it down. It's been kind of an eyesore lately."
"That may be true, but I can't bring myself to demolish it. After all, we put a lot of effort into it."
"Yes, but it already has an elaborate air condition system, so let's build a massive supercomputer in it and lease the cycles to a big company like Sun."
"That's crazy! You're crazy! Let's do it!"
"Hey, if we're both Québécois and in Quebec, why are we speaking English?"
"Actually, we're speaking French, it's just that this is being reported in an English speaking blog, so there's a translation convention in effect."
"Oh, I see. Long live Quebec!"
"I remember!"

1 comment:

Pawl Bearing said...

There's something about Quebec and silos. Check out the world's biggest screen (and a pretty irregular one too) and the production tailor made to fit.

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