Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Skyscraper Jungle Gym

Remember those play structures when you were a kid, with the swings and bridges and little doodads to play on? Like this one?
A play structure made of wood
I think it would be awesome to design one the size of a small city. It would be eight stories tall, cover an acre, have millions of little doodads to play on, and could contain the playful energy of a million children. Parents from around the city or even state area would take their kids to it to have them play themselves to exhaustion, to be followed by a quiet nap time at home in which the parents work gets done. (Like that novel you wanted to write.)
Safety is a concern by the second story. (A typical "floor" or "story" is every ten feet in most buildings.) A human can usually endure a fall of ten feet okay, but a fall of 20 feet usually breaks a leg, 30 feet breaks both legs and the hips, and 40 feet squashes the unfortunate victim into "street pizza." The higher levels will have to be fenced, but that shouldn't be a problem for the designers. I once played on a structure four stories tall, and the safety precautions there were enough to keep all children entirely inside the structure.
Safety wise I would also want to keep adults out. We can trust a child's parents, but there are other adults that should not have access to the children. Probably a nearby police station to discourage that line of thinking is the correct solution. A park this large may already have one.
The best location for this site is probably a park in a large city, where there is a big demand for family activites for large numbers of people.


Pawl Bearing said...

Hmmm. Mad Enginner: I always loose my 3 kids in the larger play structures. For your behemoth, you might need to create a system of electric collars that go around a kid's neck and that would give them a minor zap everytime they strayed more that 20 ft away from their parents.

themadengineer said...

Distance-based radio receiver? Parent has a sending device, child has a receiving collar. If the collar doesn't receive a signal from the sending device, *BZZZAAAAAPPPP*
Maximum distance would be set at the receiver, and would produce stronger signals for longer distances. So you could set any distance you feel comfortable with.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mad Engineer,

I would like one of these play gyms. Pls advise.

You can contact me on 041 363 8460.

themadengineer said...

Anonymous reader:
The number you have sent is meaningless to me. Is it a phone number?
This page seems to have the information you want:

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