Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What were you interested in?

Once again, I consult Google Analytics to tell me what my readers are thinking, because they leave next to no comments. However, Google's tools do tell me what keywords they searched to reach me, and I can therefore determine what they most wanted to hear about. I am grouping similar entries.

#1 Ultimate Computer Setup
#5 Build Ultimate Computer
#6 Ultimate Computer Setups
#12 Basic Computer Setup
#20 Cut I Beam for Basement Stairs
#35 mad computer setups
#58 Ultimate Computer Room
#60 Ultimate Computer Setup

These people are presumably interested in my unlimited budget computer center construction idea, in which I discuss building an insanely expensive facility with a major supercomputer, out of parts that, alone, aren't terribly expensive. Not sure why they were interested, especially the one mentioning my stair construction. Why? There are probably better ways to build stairs.
Why that is my most popular article is a mystery to me.

#2 Railgun Space Launch
#47 Railgun Space Travel
#48 Raingun for Space Lunch(sic)
#49 Railgun Space
#50 Railgun Space Launches
#51 Railgun Space Travel
#52 Rails for Space Lunch(sic)
#55 Space Launch Railgun
#56 Space Rail Gun

Yes, give yourself enough energy in the right direction and you will go to space. I'm assuming the people with "lunch" were misspelling "launch" instead of just planning to eat their mid-day meal in outer space, which is probably not the most cost effective way to do it. You need a lot of energy to reach the escape velocity of 11km/s.

#3 Mad Engineering
#33 M.A.D. engineering
#35 Mad Engineer
#36 Mad Engineering, M.D.
#37 Mad Mechanical Machines
#39 madengineering

These people seem to have heard of my blog before, but can't remember the address. I'm sorry to say that I don't have a Medical Doctor ("MD") degree, and probably never will. It was my childhood dream, but as an adult I realize that I'd never survive medical school. I hope my machines were insane enough for the person interested in "Mad Mechanical Machines."

#4 Diamond computing
#21 Diamonds and cpu
#22 Diamonds computing

I think diamond computing will be awesome, too.

#7 Air Filter Engineering Google Ads

You want what now?

#8 Automated House Construction
#9 Automated House Design
#10 Automatic House
#11 Automatic Houses Construction

I described the steps possible to automatically construct a house, given the already designed plans, but all these went to that article. Scott Addams has an idea of Automated House Design, which I'm not going to work with because I have a terrible understanding of art and aesthetics.

#13 Benefits of Solar Power

Solar Power produces some carbon emissions when the panels are initially produced, but after they're installed, they generate power when the sun is shining, half as much when it's cloudy, and none at night. The panels incur no additional expenses after being placed. If the sun ever stops shining, we'll have bigger problems than where our electricity comes from.

#14 Building Custom 19 Inch Rack

19 inch racks are a standard for servers. So named because they are 19 inches wide. They have slots so that the servers can be slid in for operation, and out for moving or maintenance. All of this is standardized so that any 19-inch server fits any 19-inch rack. Customize this, are you mad?

#15 Building a Computer How to Setup Wires

I'll assume that you've already connect the non-wires, like RAM, CPU, and the like. Fans have three-pin wires which connect to marked sets of three pins on the motherboard. All drives (hard drive, floppy drive, CD-ROM, etc) must connect a data cable to the motherboard. All drives require a power connector, from your power supply. Your motherboard gets it's power from that big bundle of 20 or 24 cables that ends in the big rectangular plastic thing. Plug that into the plastic slot with 20 or 24 holes. There's another four-hole pastic connector, which has a four-cable connector. All of these are keyed so that they cannot be inserted backwards. Push, but do not force, as bent pins are extremely bad. Now close your computer and turn it on. If it doesn't, open it back up and check your connections.

#16 Carbon Dioxide Absorbing Air Filter Auto

Almost any hydroxide chemical absorbs some amount of carbon dioxide. This is why they are used in re-breathers and the like. Did you want some sort of machine that automatically changes your hydroxide filter, or what?

#17 Carnivorous Clock Produce Energy

Well, kind of. The bacteria-pit inside the clock produces the energy. Not much, all it can run with it is a clock.

#18 Crayfish Eat Mussels
#19 Crayfish Eat Zebra Mussels
#23 Do Crawfish Eat Zebra Mussels

Yes, they do, if they can get the shell open.

#24 Engineering Blogspot

Sorry, I'm an amateur engineer, as I'm sure I described in my first post. There are engineer blogs, I'm sure of it. I even know a comic strip written by a professional engineer, Wasted Talent. I highly recommend it.

#25 Engineering Riddle
#26 Engineering Riddles

I don't think there are any of those, as such.

#27 Extracting Energy From Gravity

I can think of three systems that do that. Hydroelectric dams take energy from falling water, Tidal dams take energy from High-Tide water falling back into the ocean during low tide, and compression springs take the energy from a falling weight. (You don't get much from that.) All are quite conventional engineering at this point.

#28 Gravity Mesh Field

Viktor showed me how this could work if I shape the field in a conservative vector. In Science Fiction, they usually posit some sort of means of artificial gravity, but shape it in distinctly non-conservative ways. It's been 2 years since I've had to work with this kind of calculus, and I can barely remember how to do it anymore.

#29 Greenhouse Engineering Firms

A greenhouse is easy to build, any construction crew should be able to do it. You may be more interested in "Geoengineering," in which massive projects are made to assist the environment.

#30 Harvesting Zebra Mussels

Put something in one of the Great Lakes, remove it the next day. Scrape off the Mussels. I suggest against eating them now, as they are filter feeders and have no doubt absorbed considerable pollution.

#31 Impossible Diaper Change

I wrote an article on automatic diaper changes, and get this person's interest. The only impossible diaper change I can think of would be for a baby that is somehow tens of feet tall and weighs over 400 pounds. And even then, I could probably pull something off with a series of cranes.

#32 Jewish Shibboleth

The ancient Hebrews were the first one to come up with the idea of a Shibboleth, which it is why it is named after the word they used for it. Shibboleth is Hebrew for "ear of corn," or "torrent of water," my sources are unclear on if either or both. It was chosen because the enemy tribe was unable to pronounce many of the sounds in it, namely the "sh" and "th." I asked if anti-American shibboleth's were possible. Apparently so.

#30 Material Engineer Blog

Google brought you here by mistake, you will be sorely disappointed. I talk about material engineering maybe once, and don't really have much to say about it.

#41 Midi Reverse Engineer

I don't think my article about a midi-controlled orchestra is of any use to this person, but they probably ended up there because Google's robots got confused. They were probably interested in the midi standard for programming, instrument control, or any of the other things it does. A man named Chris has the information that I think that person wanted.

#42 Minuses about Hydro Power

Hydroelectric dams flood the region behind the dam, and are made of grey concrete. It costs money, does some damage to the environment, and is mind-bogglingly difficult to paint. Also, prime terrorism target, as you've seen in multiple movies.

#43 Most Profitable Crustation

I don't know, ask a fisherman.

#44 Nootropics Blog

Nootropics are drugs that make you smarter. The best people to ask about them are medical doctors and chemists. Not blogs.

#45 Old-Fashioned Diaper

Layer 5-6 layers of cotton cloth. Or more. Cut a "U" shape in the middle at both sides. Sew the layers together. Wrap around your baby, and pin together on both sides. When baby wets it or soils it, remove the pins and wash it as you would a really dirty shirt. Is reusable. Is not used today on the grounds that it is a major pain in the ass.

#46 P Trap Placement Laundry Room

After the appliance, but before the wall. A P-Trap is a "P" or "U" shaped pipe that stores some water, preventing your drain pipes from reeking like the sewer.

#53 Reverse 10 Keyboard

This probably lead to my "tube keyboard" idea, but "10?" What?

#54 Sakiyama-Elbert 2009

Apparently, this is a Doctor of Biomedical Engineering at Washington University. I'm not her. Her page is here. Good luck with your research, Dr. Sakiyama-Elbert. Why looking for her lead to me, I don't know.

#57 The Art of Smuggling

They were either interested in my article on insane narcosubs, or want to get something somewhere where it's not supposed to be. Think of anywhere you'd look if you thought someone was sneaking something past you. Don't put it there.

#61 Union of Mad Engineers

We have a union now?

#62 Why Subway Systems Only in Large Cities

Stop number 3338238: "Corn farm." Please wait for Stop number 3338239: "Oh hey, it's yet another vacant field." This cost a lot to build, so stop complaining. After that, please stay on the line for Stop number 3338240: "It's yet another vacant field, please don't scream in frustration."

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