Friday, August 28, 2009

Rotating Closet

Remember that old tacky gift, the rotating tie rack? It would help men select a random tie, powered by an AA battery, and then sat unused in his closet because he didn't give a wet slap?

I have a closet with lots of clothing. I want to wear something different every day. Unfortunately, the layout of the closet encourages a set of "favorites" that get way more usage than another. This is because the edges behind the door are hard to reach. If I want to put the recently washed clothes there, I have to take everything out, put in the freshly washed, slide them to the end, and then put everything back.

So going with the "tie rack," and a thing I once saw at a dry cleaners, the closet is now a loop of chain, that gets pulled by a 5 watt motor when I press a button. I press this button when putting in freshly washed clothes, thereby moving them to the back. This way, I wear a variety of clothes -- the mad engineering way!

2 comments: said...

This sounds AWESOME. Do you have any pictures? Could you provide a little more detail about how to do something like this? I would greatly appreciate it.



themadengineer said...

I'm afraid I'm not very artistically inclined, as previous attempts at illustrating my ideas can show. If I were richer, I would hire a technical illustrator to draw up some of these ideas.

As I imagine it, you have a chain, that connects to a gear, which connects to a motor. Clothing is hung on the chain, and when the motor turns, it turns the gear, which turns the chain.

Most Dry-Cleaning businesses have a very large version of this to allow them to quickly retrieve an arbitrary customer's clean clothing. (Since it's not clear ahead of time which customer will show up first.) That's where I got the idea.

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