Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Domestic Violence PSA

I've decided that the thing I was going to show today was stupid, so instead I'm showing a commercial filmed by Amnesty International, and featuring Patrick Stewart. Mr. Stewart is a Shakespearian actor, but is most famous for roles in nerd-things, like his depiction of Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek, as well as his depiction of Dr. Xavier in the film version of X-men.

Mr. Stewart plays the part of the unseen charming man, who after acting pleasant and charming, suddenly blows up into a furious tantrum, only to backpedal and again lay on the charm. This is the unfortunate pattern of domestic violence, and why the authorities are usually useless against it. They usually arrive after the backpedal, at which point the victim is unwilling to take any action.
Mr. Stewart has a lot of important things to say on the topic, as well as speaking out against bullying, and on being a bald actor. Truly, a hero of love.

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