Saturday, August 29, 2009

Brains and Time

I've been thinking about employment, and much of what we pay people to do is actually a waste of money. At the wages one pays, say, an engineer, it's a waste of money for them to empty their own garbage can. Any second that you're paying them and they're not designing some machine to save you money is wasted money. Same deal for chemists, it's a waste of money to pay them to wash their own glassware. In fact, maybe chemists should just watch recordings of experiments done by other, cheaper, people, or machines. Let's call this "the butler principle."
Yes, I can see it now. Chemistry experiments are done by machines, that record the entire process, and chemists just watch the video and take notes. The machines also rise the beakers clean down to the last molecule.
Nah, that's too crazy.

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