Sunday, August 2, 2009

Intoxicated Communications Prevention

Google has an interesting feature on their email clients that they call "email goggles." On certain times of day, especially times when the writer is likely to be tired, drunk, or both, Google requires them to do simple math problems within a strict time limit to show they're still with it enough to write an email that won't be regretted tomorrow. After all, after you've had 15 shots of whiskey is no time to tell your boss about how dumb you thought his new product idea is. When you're sober or not at all, if you plan to keep your job.
Well, I think maybe we should extend this idea to other lines of communication. After a long bender, a hypothetical man dials his phone. The phone instructs him, quick, you have 30 seconds to factor 52, and if you get it wrong, I won't let you call your ex-girlfriend. After all, it's 3am, and your dialing patterns suggest that you may be intoxicated. After 3 failures, he gives up. Sparing himself the embarrassment, because he's quite an idiot when he's blitzed. The next morning, he remembers that his ex has a new boyfriend, and that she's probably not going to be impressed with his shoddy drunk poetry. So, crisis averted.
Fax machines and cell phones are hard to operate while intoxicated, so I think I don't have to worry about those. (The buttons on a cell phone are smaller.) As for drunk trips in person, can't help you there. Any other communication forms I need to consider?

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peedee said...

Umm Blogger should have more than word verifications. I've left a few late night comments while quite buzzed that I've regretted the next day. =\.

And I have a friend that buys tons of shit on Ebay while drunk. He recieves packages for a week afterwards and he's all like WTF??

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