Saturday, April 17, 2010

Togolese Recycled Robots

The Lady Ada reports that in Togo, a young man is building robots....out of old TVs.

Why? For inspiration, he says. He's demonstrating that this kind of thing is indeed possible, contrary to the expectations of the local Africans who feel that building robots is not possible in their country, which lacks the financial resources of countries where robots are more common.
Why TV's? The video doesn't say, but I'm going to guess that A) It's a complicated device with many of the necessary parts, B) When they stop working, they're thrown away in favor of buying a newer, more capable model over being repaired, C) The parts that break aren't the ones that interest him, and D) They are immensely popular, so broken TVs can be found in immense quantities.
Nice going Sam. I'd totally buy one.

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