Friday, April 16, 2010

How would you weld a tank of inflammable liquid?

A search that lead to my blog asked how one would weld a tank of an inflammable liquid. English being what it is, "inflammable" means that it does, indeed, catch fire easily, this being the exact opposite of what most English speakers think it does. ("In-" as a prefix usually meaning "not.")
Anyway, metal parts are generally fused together with welding techniques, either by a blowtorch melting a metal that seals the two together, or an electrical flow that melts a metal that seals the two together. Either one would make a inflammable liquid explode, so how?
The traditional engineering way is to drain the tank, vent it out carefully, weld, allow to cool, inspect, and then return the liquid. After all, unncessary risk is something engineers try to avoid.
But this is MAD engineering, so we do things the insane way. We arrange a robot with a blowtorch that...
Damn it all to hell. At least we used a robot so no one was hurt.

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