Thursday, April 1, 2010

Magnet Morality Manipulation

Discovery reports that a neurologist can manipulate a person's feelings about morality, to a rough degree, by putting their head into a strong magnetic field. Within the field, people evaluating the morality in a story concentrated slightly more on bad outcomes, and outside the field, people concentrated more on the intentions of the characters.
This could lead to, at best, a cure for sociopathy, a personality trait that leads to the indifference to the rights of others. Socipathy may be experienced in as many of 5% of the population, and is a major factor in many crimes.
Or, at worst, the Orwellian implications are staggering. The evil conspiracy doesn't like the way you think, so it straps a magnetic helmet to you and suddenly it's actions don't seem bad to you anymore.
EDIT: I just noticed that this will be published on April first. IT IS NOT A JOKE.

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