Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Sorry I'm behind again. Been distracted. But I did get some things done.
Remember my install cd device? Didn't work. I've since made a lesser version that I've confirmed the function of in simulation, weighing in at 159MB, but only worth using to load in a full install environment from elsewhere. I'm trying to get the full thing updated and functional. I'll compare sizes, and if they can both fit on a CD, then hey hey, install CD. (I need to check of my stash of CDRs are 650MB or 700 MB. The extra 50MB could make a big difference. Even if my full environment doesn't work, I've made big progress.
I also got very distracted with a massive novel online, called The Salvation Wars. It started with a discussion asking about the change in religion that would result in it being announced that Christianity was demonstrably true, and all humans currently living were condemned to hell upon their deaths. The author, Stuart Slade, then came up with a very strange solution indeed: war. (After all, that which can be met and interacted with can also be shot.) Mr. Slade being a military consultant with an excellent imagination for determining consequences, then went on a binge research of demonology, and produced an 86-chapter narrative pitting the various nations of the Earth against Hell, with surprising results, twists and turns, occasional funny stuff, and some schemes that made me break out into maniacal laughter. He also has a half-finished sequel, and is apparently planning a book deal.
Now, news for you, my readers. A study shows that, as the Netherlands has long suspected, pornography cuts sexual violence. The study was statistical in nature (and therefore subject to various correlation and confirmation biases), but interesting nonetheless.
Also, China is switching to Methane Hydrate, the fuel predicted to replace oil when oil gets too expensive. Methane hydrate is interesting because it looks like ice, but you can set it on fire.

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