Sunday, March 28, 2010


I think that the word "addiction" is overused these days. Typically, it's thrown around over any sort of unnecessary dependency. A person who cannot stop injecting themselves with heroin, for instance, is addicted. I hear people talk about being addicted to such things as TV, running, Farmville, chocolate, or sex. I think that's insane. Yes, you're psychologically habituated, and you'd feel bad if I took those things away from you. I doubt you'd go into convulsions and require medical intervention, the way an alcohol or heroin addict would.
Now while these lesser, psychological addictions, are bad if they interfere with your life, work, or relationships, I doubt I need to keep you in a bathtub with a drip IV and monitor you constantly in case you try to sneak some TV in a flask.
I think balance is the issue. Enjoying a TV show is okay. Watching 16 hours of TV per day suggests that maybe you should cut back a little bit. Especially if you get fired because you wouldn't stop watching from a portable TV you insisted on bringing to your cubical.

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