Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Birds and Cars

Car owners everywhere curse wild birds. Why? Because birds never invented the toilet, having a habit of living in trees and allowing gravity to take their poop away. Where it hits things down below, like cars.
The biggest threat to cars is the ammonia, which damages the paint. This can be prevented in the first place with waxing and/or covering the car while it's parked. But let's say you didn't do that and there's a splat. Now what?
A rub with soapy water will remove it, and many guides swear by peroxide. Perhaps a car with a pH detector that squirts a vinegar-peroxide mix at any region with rising pH (though pores in the paint)? Nah, that's crazy.
Just clean it more than this guy, who I think left his car there for months. (Perhaps out of state on business?)


Mariana Soffer said...

That is a good fact many people do not know about cars, I remember somebody told me long time ago how he wanted to destroy his ennemy car by doing something like what you said before.
And regardings the end, there is all kind of people dough the variety never ceases to amaze me.

themadengineer said...

The evil-est thing I've ever heard of doing to a car came from a little thing I got from the Internet called "the avengers handbook" that suggested leaving raw balognia on the car to strip the paint, thereby leaving little circles of rust all over the car.
And then putting a potato in the tailpipe so that it wouldn't start, spraying the seats with either fox urine or caverdene to cause it to infinitely stink, and leaving alcohol-soaked breadcrumbs in the yard so that a horde of birds would swarm, becoming louder and more irritating with every moment.
Yeah, for infinite and probably illegal revenge,
there's nothing quite like that "avenger's handbook..."

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