Monday, May 18, 2009

Worldwide Mad Transportation

In many of the developing countries, they want to get around, but cars are so expensive, and walking's such a drag. What do you do?
You take an abandoned western car (of which there are many in the developing world), and you chop it into a working vehicle, and bingo, taxi. You can now drive people about for income. Take that, entropy.
From the Malian Climatise, which boasts its own air conditioning (which is quite a necessary feat in Mali), to the Philipino Jeepney, which are made of abandoned World War II era jeeps, converted into a small bus, all kinds of developing countries are doing this. And if there are no cars whatsoever to be found, Africa is now full of motorcycle taxis. After all, riding behind somebody on a motorcycle gets you there much faster than walking, and the motorcycle guy probably charges less than a car taxi.
This is even used in Afghanistan. Often times, all that is left is the car's shell, since all usable motors have been taken. The car gets hitched to a mule. Why not just ride the mule? Well, the car has a comfortable seat, and often times actual working air conditioning. Anyone who's ever ridden an animal knows that it's a jostly, annoying experience. It's also better for the animals back to not have a human riding on it. The weight is borne on the cars wheels instead, and the wheels can take it.

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