Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shanxi Automated Brickworks

Fact #1: Bricks sell in China's Shanxi province for 3000 yuan per pack. (~$438?)
Fact #2: The Chinese government has shut down numerous slavery rings in Shanxi, in which people were imported to produce bricks. There is apparently a labor shortage in Shanxi.
Fact #3: Steel and machine tools are now quite common in China.

Hm, hypothetically there's money to be made on this.

Step #1: Enter China on business visa.
Step #2: Fill out Foreign Owned Corporation paperwork. (Machine translation of the company name is "山西自动化砖砌."
Step #3: Rent cheap land. (In a nod to the official communist policy, one may not buy land in China, merely lease it for 99 years, with possible renewal.)
Step #4: Build rail-furnace, calibrate belt speed such that bricks emerge fully fired.
Step #5: Clay harvesting machine. (Probably involves clay-knife, scoop, and storage bin.)
Step #6: Brick shaping machine. (Say, 5 or 6 plates that squeeze the clay into a rectangular shape.)
Step #7: Hire some workers to operate the clay harvesting machine and to move the hot bricks into containers using tongs.
Step #8: Sino-fy the company by selling shares until you own none of it.

If you are Chinese, you can skip steps 1, 2, and 8.

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