Friday, May 1, 2009


EDIT: Google fixed this problem. Is it because they heard me, because they changed their mind, or some other reason? In any case, I can now log in with my favorite browser and this whole posting is completely moot.

But I'll keep it here in blockquotes, for history's sake.

Mad Engineering will slow down in the near future. Why? I have to blame Google.

Google deliberately broke support for my particular browser yesterday. If I log in, absolutely nothing happens. I can still log in if I use firefox, or if I install chrome. I can tell this was deliberate on their part, as this worked yesterday and their help mentions requirements that were not there before.

Since I have to log in to write posts, and am not typically using firefox, and don't have chrome, this does add yet another step to the whole process. Firefox often has behaved bizarrely on my computer, and working with it's quirks isn't always easy.

Posts that I pre-wrote on a binge earlier will go through for the next few days will continue for the next few days, but there will be a slowdown in posts when the queue is used up that which you may notice. I was not hit by a bus.

We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause you. Please enjoy the next few posts as they come. We also apologize for this whine.

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