Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Exercise by Cheating

If you want to grow your muscles, which almost everyone does, due to the ease of weight loss and increase in good-looking-ness, you need to do two things to make it happen. One, you need to stress and slightly tear your muscles, usually from exercise, and two, you need to rest and sleep so that your muscles can rebuild slightly bigger (which your body does to prevent that from happening again.)

However, the traditional way of doing the first step, repeatedly pushing against a major resistance, such as a weight, strikes me as a tad inefficient. Many repetitions must be done to cause the necessary micro-trauma, and this must be done on a semi-daily basis or myostatin will reabsorb the growing muscle.

This will hurt, but what say we inject ourselves with Activin Type IIB receptors to block muscular re-absorption, and then just before the workout, papaya or pineapple juice, straight to the muscle? The sugars should boost performance, and the enzymes will make the muscle more tear-able under the strain. (Use slightly less heavy weights.)

Nah, that's crazy.

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