Friday, October 22, 2010

Breaktime Chair

Quite a lot of workers in the US now operate their jobs from chairs, typing at computers. This is a welcome relief from the jobs of hundreds of years ago, which involved shovels, the hot sun, and misery. The chair jobs have disadvantages too, though, namely that they're awful for your health and eyesight. Ergonomic experts recommend that office workers take a 30 second break every 10 minutes in which you look away from your computer and do finger exercises to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.
I'm imagining a chair that has a timer, and every ten minutes, it vibrates (to remind you that it's break time), then spins the chair around, looking you away from the computer, and the worker uses this time for finger exercises. 30 seconds or a minute later, it flips back, and you're back to work. I would try to make this chair both cheap and comfortable, so companies want to buy it, and workers want to sit in it.
Ideally, it would reduce health & comfort costs to companies, but pessimistically, it'd be another ill-conceived toy collected by hipsters who want steep discounts.

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