Friday, October 29, 2010


I'm flabbergasted at what cabinets cost. Every house and apartment has them, for storing dishes and things, they're very simple, and they're several hundred dollars. For a very simple arrangement of wood. What the hell?
I'm imaging a system that, given six planes of particle board, slices them into a very attractive arrangement of cabinet, and staples them together. Or nails them together. Or in some way attaches the pieces. It also attaches shelves. Users take this to a forklift-like device that holds them against the wall, where users, knowing where the wall studs are, drills them into place.
Total cost: about $40.
Of course, one problem: No doors on this arrangement, and lots of scrap. But people prefer artistic doors anyway, and would probably be willing to pay a human carpenter to come up with something interesting.

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