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Simulation Systems, Tests, and Your Employment (Part 2)

Okay, assuming that you read the first part and have measured yourself, let's continue. Hopefully you weren't found to be wanting.

Let's go hit the employment center:

Requirements: High Charisma, Extrovert personality type
A salesperson must convince people to buy the product or service of this company. This turns production into money, which is highly desired by all organizations, or, more abstractly, can help turn people towards your organization's point of view, which is also kind of like selling. Extroverts are preferred because you will deal with people constantly, and an introvert would be driven insane in short order.

Demand for this job is effectively unlimited, which is why I listed it first.

System Administrator
Requirements: High Intelligence, High Wisdom, Introverted Intuitive personality type
A system administrator must manage a large computer, or perhaps many of them. He or she must manage the needs of various users, prevent crashes, prevent illegitimate access to the system, and maintain backups, both in case of destruction of the computer and in case of "oops, I accidentally erased a critical file."

Hair Stylist
Requirements: High Wisdom, High Finger Dexterity, Sensing personality type
Hair stylists cut hair into interesting styles, obviously. Also, dying, shaving, and other things people want done to their hair. They are an artist...of hair.

Requirements: High Intelligence, High Wisdom, Moderate Finger Dexterity, Sensing personality type, probably preferably introverted.
A chemist mixes chemicals together and notes how they react. Chemists are usually employed to discover new drugs, but are also necessary in many other industries that want new and better materials. Chemists must be observant, meticulous, and must avoid spilling things on themselves. They should also run quickly, in case they dospill things on themselves.

Requirements: High Charisma, High Intelligence, Extroverted personality type
CEO stands for Central Executive Officer. They run companies. Their job is to make decisions, and justify them. If these decisions are good, the company prospers, but if the decision is made poorly, they company is in serious trouble. CEOs must also justify their decisions before shareholders and the media. There is a big demand for CEOs, especially because those known to make good decisions are in very short supply. (Despite the enormous salary, few people genuinely qualify. Too bad for me, because I would sure love to be paid $29 million per year.)

Requirements: High Wisdom, High Finger Dexterity, willingness to be very very dirty
Plumbers have to build piping systems and fix them when they go wrong. Since pipes can have either clean water or, ehm, used water, the plumber can easily be very dirty indeed when fixing the used water pipes. Which they must have to personally clean.

Requirements: High Strength, Moderate Constitution, Moderate Willpower (is that Wisdom or something else?)
Bouncers eject unruly people from bars, clubs, and similar establishments. They must physically overpower these people, who are often drunk, insane, or infinitely furious. The ejected people have been known to try bargaining, weapons, blows to the groin, pleading, and where applicable, sexual favors. A bouncer must be able to overcome any of these, as anyone ordered ejected is probably up to no good.

Requirements: High Intelligence, High Wisdom, Intuitive personality type, (and possibly introvert)
Physicists try to find reality's rules, and describe them with math. Demand for this job is very low now, particularly because the atomic bomb has already been discovered.

Athletes (in general)
Requirements: High Strength, High Constitution, High Body Dexterity, High Finger Dexterity
Many young children aspire to be athletes when they grow up, but only the most powerful can really succeed at it. The requirements are rather high, depending on the sport, there is a lot of competition for the position, and success cannot ever really be guaranteed, since many people are aspiring to be #1 at any cost.

Requirements: High Intelligence, High Wisdom, High Constitution, Moderate Charisma
Teachers teach people new skills. You need to understand the information, figure out how to explain it, and do the explanation. At the lower grades, you must also prevent the students from distracting each other, and develop immunity as you will be repeatedly sneezed on.
Also, the pay is rather terrible, at least in America.

Medical Practitioner
Requirements: High Intelligence, High Wisdom, Intuitive personality type, High Constitution
People come to you sick, and you figure out the problem and devise a solution. You'll need to be smart enough to pass medical school (which is very hard and takes about 7 years for most people), you'll need to be observant, and you'll need to avoid being personally infected.

Requirements: Moderate Intelligence, Moderate Wisdom, Moderate Finger Dexterity, Verbosity
If a rose had another name
would it smell as sweet?
For a person of many words
this job just can't be beat
Though you'll not make much bread
t'would be good for your head
to express thine own words on a sheet.
Of, you know, paper.

Requirements: High Intelligence, High Wisdom, High Finger Dexterity
Surgeons specialize in healing people by, counter intuitively, cutting them open and moving their parts around. Surgeons need to excise harmful tissues, such as cancer, repair internal damage via sewing, implant devices to improve quality of life, (pacemakers, cochlear implants, and so on), and ultimately sew up their patient so that they can heal.
Surgeons can be more antisocial than other doctors, as they need not ever interact with their patient when the patient is conscious.

Requirements: High Finger Dexterity, High Wisdom
People love gold and silver and platinum and various gems, but what they love even more are those things in a form they can wear on their body. Of course, jewelry doesn't exist until shaped out of its component materials, so this is where you step in.

Requirements: High Intelligence, Patience, Lack of irritation at constant dissembling, Feeling personality type
You can tell them about those scary dreams you've been having, you can tell them about your mother, you can tell them about your fears and anxieties, and they'll listen. Psychologists will listen to what they are told, and will look into the condition of your mind. If you'll listen, they'll suggest things you can do to improve your life.
Of course, many people will endlessly unload and ignore even the most blatantly obvious suggestions, and some people problems are caused not by a problematic life, but by problems with their brain. If the patient refuses to listen, well, that's hardly the psychologist's problem.
If the problem is in their brain, that's where the big-brother of psychologists comes in, the psychiatrist. A psychiatrist is a psychologist with additional medical training, so as to be able to prescribe drugs. The pills will make the voices go away, we hope. If not, there are other pills and therapies.
In a big fit of irony, the founder of psychology was mind-bogglingly insane.

Requirements: High Finger Dexterity, Moderate Body Dexterity, Moderate-High Intelligence, Moderate Wisdom
Electricians create and repair electrical power systems. They need to place wires, remove damaged ones, ensure the smooth flow of electricity, and not get electrocuted.

Requirements: High Intelligence, Moderate Strength, Intuitive personality type
Engineers create machines and structures to solve problems. The machine needs to work, and work well, so an engineer needs to understand physics, chemistry, and a bit of biology.

Requirements: High Charisma, Extroverted Personality Type, Other things that we're not sure of
Politicians run for government offices. Most of them have big ideas of things they should be doing.

Requirements: High Finger Dexterity, Moderate Strength
Mechanics fix broken machines. Most often cars.

Military (lower ranks)
Requirements: High Strength, High Body Dexterity, High Constitution, Willingness to follow orders
Be it the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, or some other branch of the armed services, the most common military job is Infantry, which involves running around someplace while being shot at, and shooting back, all to serve your respective country's national interests.
Soldiers need high strength, so they can hurl bayonets into oncoming enemies, High Body dexterity to dodge projectiles, and high constitution so that they don't immediately die from wounds, disease, and other horrors of the battlefield.
There are other military jobs, but you'd better do them exceedingly well if you hope to stay out of infantry. Because every armed force needs lots of that, but few people want to do it.

Military (higher ranks)
Requirements: High Intelligence, High Wisdom, High Charisma, Having been a lower-ranked officer and being promoted a lot
In the higher ranks of the armed services, you no longer do the fighting yourself, but now have to manage the fighting efforts of other people so that your nation wins. You'll need to be smart, observant, and justify your every decision to both your boss and quite possibly the media. Many wars can also bog down into a quagmire politically, which quickly becomes a no-win situation for you, you poor bastard.
Speaking of the media, you'll need to convince them that your nation is awesome and you are totally winning the war, which will end sometime next month in total victory. Even if any or all this is obviously untrue.

Electronic Engineer
Requirements: High Finger Dexterity, High Intelligence, High Wisdom, Sensing Personality Type
Electronic engineer creates things that use electricity to accomplish a task. They need to be able to place components accurately and without damaging them, to know enough about the components and how they work to make their boards accomplish tasks, and to debug problems that arise.

Of course there are more jobs, but I'll cover them in a later entry, as this one is already excessively long.

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l33t MD said...

Brilliant stuff, keep it coming! :)

Surgeons can be more antisocial than other doctors, as they need not ever interact with their patient when the patient is conscious.

Interject "..., and often are, ..." and you're spot on. ;)

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