Thursday, February 19, 2009

Let them do it -- for charity

The l33t MD reports that "let them do it" has been turned from a contemptable slogan of laziness to an important way of ending 3rd word poverty. In this system, wealthy people in need of simple, human-accomplishable tasks would pay a small fee, and a 3rd world person with a cell phone would collect money to do it. This pays for their much-desired phone, and provides income to feed the family, pay the rent, and all without leaving their house.

Sure, here in America $0.50 per hour wouldn't be worth anyone's time, but in these countries, 50 cents is a day's food. Another 2 hours for the rent, another 3 for the phone, and past that is pure personal improvement. 3rd world citizens are known to spend spare money on building roads, wells, schools, and other improvements to their town, for stimulating the economy even when they buy pleasure goods such as televisions, and for sending their relatives to school instead of work, where it improves everyone's quality of life.

Truly, this is a l33t development of resources

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