Saturday, July 17, 2010

Self-Tying Shoes

I was a very clumsy child, and it took me until I was 10, in the 4th grade, to learn to tie my shoes. Mostly out of necessity, as shoes in my larger size were only available with laces.
The lady Ada invented something that I would have killed for back then: shoes that tie themselves, using motors and pulleys of her own invention. An electronic switch ties, or unties, the shoes as needed.
Although now that I'm an adult, I'd gain less benefit from this, as I can now tie my laces perfectly fine, and having a motor strapped to the back of my shoes at all times would kind of grate.


ralleywolf said...

I recall they had power laces in Back To The Future 2.

themadengineer said...

Please keep in mind that they also had hoverboards, hovercars, much greater inflation ($10 for soda?!) and "Queen Diana," because Princess Di obviously didn't go for a certain car ride, didn't get divorced from Charles, and something happened to Queen Elizibeth. For that matter, what happened to Charles in Back to the Future?

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