Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Prosethetics for Animals

Today I have two stories about animals with prosthetic limbs. The first is old, about five years ago. A cockatoo was viscously attacked in her cage by her own mate, which sometimes happens due to their instincts to chase off a mate while in danger. Feet are very important to parrots, seeing as they function as both foot and hand. So most birds with injured feet wind up euthanized.
But "Candy's" owner had prosthetic feet build for her so that she could at least walk, even if holding things was no longer an option. And walk she did. She has gone off to a good life as a pet, and her mate has wound up in a triple-locked cage.
Now, this year, hack a day reports that a cat who lost all four feet in an industrial accident is getting a new set. Complete with video. The cat understandably now walks a little awkwardly, but is now walking and doing all the normal cat things.
Prosthetics for humans is more advanced because people care more about their own. Compassion is a remarkable thing, and people's love for pets is impressive. Hopefully, the two fields will benefit from each other.

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