Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why Global Warming Denial is so common in America

I think I've figured out why there's such a storm of people denying global warming and related phenomenon in the United States. Here's a map of the air temperature anomaly (difference in temperature from expected):
US average is -8C
We're not FEELING it here. The anomalies are making all US territory colder, as cold air from Canada and the north pole are pushed into our area. Today it is very cold around my area, particularly, with weather I'd normally associate with states thousands of miles north.
Combine this with our conservative branches believing that economic activity is inherently good, and government intervention inherently bad, and you have people who experience massive cognitive dissonance at the very concept. It contradicts everything they know, so they reject it.
But all "Canadians for global warming" jokes aside, temperature affects more than just temperature. Farming, culture, and engineering are all affected. Adaptation could prove...expensive.

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