Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mr. Wu's Amazing Robots

Just outside of Beijing, a touring journalist, Paul Merton, has discovered a man named Mr. Wu, who makes a multitude of robots with no educational training. Yes, the original sources spell his name "Woo," but I'm pretty sure that it's this one, transliterated "Wu."
Mr. Wu's robots are of varying utility. Many are just little walking toys of entertaining novelty. And all are named after him, and a number describing the order of their invention. I think his most interesting is Wu-25, a rickshaw bot that announces something in Chinese as it hauls you about. (The video does not translate that, unfortunately.) I'd totally buy that. Most impressively, all of Mr. Wu's robots are made of things that other people threw away.
When uneducated people accomplish things like this, it leaves me in awe, since I've met very educated people who could do no such thing. I also am left wondering how much more such people would accomplish if granted an education.
Also, if I had money, I would totally hire Mr. Wu. His current job as a farmer is a total waste of his talents.

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