Sunday, January 3, 2010


After several weeks delay, my university has announced that I have completed my tertiary education. A new and exciting world awaits me. A world where I get paid for working, instead of course credit!

....eeexcept that the economy is in the toilet, my student loans from those lean freshmen years are now due, and many economics experts proclaim that people my age and younger are effectively unemployable.

If you need me, I'll be rewriting my resume again.


Pawl Bearing said...


You write an intelligent engineering blog and I'm sure that if you use innovative job hunting techniques you'll do great.

I'm often in the interviewer role: Here's some (unsolicited-sorry) tricks:
Unless your resume is a 100% match to a job, HR managers and headhunters will toss your resume in the bin.

Find a company that do what you like. Research who the product development manager is and write to him and cc the VP engineering: This is often a lot more productive than sending out resumes.

If all else fails, a 3 month road trip road to Australia would be a nice self reward.


themadengineer said...

That's actually the best advice I've been given so far, Mr. Bearing. Thank you.

Pawl Bearing said...

Applying "economic expert" thinking you might be in a great position to be hired. With all the baby boomers retiring or going senile there a huge gap being created. It is so bad at the University where my dad lectures that they extended the mandatory retirement age by 2 years.
OK OK So I was reading Stephen Levitts books. But still hopefully this offsets the economic downturn for you.


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