Thursday, September 17, 2009

Weirder Pipelines

I feel weird that I pay so much for liquids. Food sauces, vinegar, gasoline, bleach, Cleaning fluids. And the biggest business I can name immediately is cola. Bottles and cans, by the trillions, of sweetened and carbonated and flavored water. (Okay, gasoline doesn't come in a container, but it's shipped by truck to a tank at the gas station, which is a weird way to do it.)
When I use up the liquid, I still have the container sitting around. Typically, I end up throwing it away. Sometimes I wash it out and reuse it, but usually I don't bother. That's a waste.
I suppose that instead I could have pipelines into my house. Turn on the vinegar tap for the salad, turn it off when I have enough. Steak sauce from the tap for the steak. I have a guest, and he wants a coke? Fresh from the pipeline, fizzed at serving time. At laundry time, I squirt a bit of beach and detergent from the respective lines. At the end of the month, I get bills from the pipeline, which I promptly pay lest I lose service. (God forbid I have to do without vinaigrette!)
Nah, that's too insane. Each house would have hundreds of pipelines going to it and digging would be impossible. Not to mention all the kinds of hell that would break lose if one of the pipes clogged or ruptured.

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