Saturday, September 5, 2009

Fistfull of Beans

I lost five pounds this month using a strange technique. Instead of my usual snack of a peanut butter sandwich, I instead ate three pounds of raw string beans. Just as filling, and with 1/50th the calories. Also, made me way more regular, which was nice.
Okay, I can already hear the complaints. "But that's rabbit food! What about the flavor?"
Well, to misquote an internet meme, "It has a flavor." Yeah, it's not going to taste like the peanut butter, but I can appreciate its subtle notes. And if the beans get boring, carrots work great for this too, and if you stick to it for a week, reward yourself with some fruit.
This kind of weight loss is important to me because my hobbies, job training, and such are completely sedentary. I don't use a kazillion calories doing hard labor, heat loss, or any of the other big sources. I'm not a soldier, carpenter, or Michael Phelps, so if I eat too many calories, I will be fat.
Of course, I still need to exercise, because at 186 pounds, only my largest pants fit.
If you need additional help, try eating off a smaller plate. It'll make you feel like you have more food.
EDIT: Since I've written this, I've had a setback in which I crammed beans until 2am, but kept feeling hungry. Took a can of chili to get me to finally be unhungry enough to sleep. Apparently you need a certain amount of protein or the hunger never shuts up.

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