Monday, September 21, 2009

No thank you for the soda -- soda make you fat

Professor Zeno has published a startling proof a few days ago of Soda calories causing obesity. I look forward to his later proofs of water being wet, and nighttime lacking natural illumination.


Mariana Soffer said...

Me and my sister do not drink soda, because we did never liked it (hate the bubbles) nevertheless she is fat and I am not. So it is not that straight forward the implication of that reasoning thought

themadengineer said...

Just because "Soda makes you fat" doesn't mean that "Refraining from soda prevents you from being fat."
Only expending more energy than you take in does that.

Das Gnome said...

M(ad).E(ngineer). never said that not drinking soda makes you skinny. It has been common sense for the longest time that soda is not exactly good for your figger. (Figure, in case someone wants to call me on this.)

As per the term '-Diet- Soda?'

themadengineer said...

Diet sodas involve sweeteners other than sugar, but none of them is without some sort of disadvantage.
Saccharine has been linked to bladder cancer with animal trials and has an awful aftertaste.
Aspartame slows your metabolism.
Sugar alcohols such as Maltitol, Xylitol, and the like cause what the manufacturer euphemistically calls "A mild laxative effect."
So maybe you don't enlarge your waistline on some of those, but the side effects can't be described as good for you.

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