Thursday, April 23, 2009

Life Support

I should built a machine that has an extracorporeal circulation device, a dialysis machine, and remote manipulators with scalpels and surgical thread sewers. I should make it portable, battery powered for up to 48 hours with solar recharging options, and treaded so that it can move on harsh terrain. It should also be able to connect to satellites by a radio-type connection. It would have a saline-and-glucose supply in case of excess fluid loss, and a small stash of useful medications, most notably analgesics and antibiotics. It should be able to insert these into the incoming side of the circulation.

The interior would be like the "improved bed" that I wrote about earlier, but with the remote manipulators, some kind of cameras, and needles for the vein connections. Air conditioning optional, and probably avoided due to excessive power use.

Then we can take this device to the wilderness, or a battlefield, and if we come across a wounded person, we can put them inside, connect their veins, and have it radio-connect to a hospital, where a surgeon could use the remote manipulators to save the wounded person's life.

When the patient is stable, we drain the used dialysate replace the needles and the mattress liner, and then the machine can save another life.

What else can insane technology do for medicine?

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